We are a design and build company located in Clapham

Specialize in high-quality architectural designs. We have over many years of experience in designing and completing sustainable architectural projects in South West and Central London and always aim to reduce any negative impact on the environment. For more insight into our work, have a look at our portfolio which includes numerous home projects that alfabuildingrefurbishment.co.uk have carried out in West and South-West London. CONCEPT DESIGN DRAWINGS If you are looking for a full house renovation or home improvement with APT, then our architectural designers will arrange a free no-obligation site at your property in West or South West of London. A site visit is essential for our architectural designers to get a better understanding of home designs and house plans of your property. Once we have this information from you, our design team will then create that unique basic design you are looking for.

Architectural designers in clapham sketch concept design drawings 3D MODELLING After the basic home design drawings are finalized; our architectural designers will convert them into 3D architectural models. This will help you get a rough idea of how to make the most of the available space. From the 3D modeling, you will be able to visualize the interior theme and get a look at how your new bespoke furniture will look. Architectural designers are able to create 3D architectural models 3D VIRTUAL WALKTHROUGHS Our architectural designers will create a 3D virtual walkthrough of how your home will look when all the works are completed. It will give you a truly amazing experience. You will be able to virtually explore your new home designs and plans to see it from every possible angle. There is a chance to see how the interior and interior lighting will affect the rest of the interior design. Virtually explore your property in 3D virtual walkthrough 3D PHOTO REALISTIC RENDERS It is also possible for our architectural designers to create realistic 3D photo renders and house plans for your new home in London.

The most amazing thing is that even though it is created before the works are begun, the render will display every aspect of the plan in full depth, including lighting, textures and materials. Architectural designers can create realistic 3D photo renders for 2D PLANNING DRAWINGS for most construction projects, planning permission is mandatory for the project to go ahead. To be accepted, your application has to include 2D drawings, which details (or discuss) aerial surveys, site plans, house plans, floor and roof plans. Any planned elevations to the side, front or rear have to be charted in these drawings. Our architectural designers will make sure every aspect is required in the application submitted. Architectural planning drawings 3D FLOOR PLANS Our architectural designers can also suggest 3D floor plans in order for you to see the full floor planning layout. Not only will you see color schemes and textures, you will get a good visual idea of where you can place the furniture and maximize the space with further additions. With 3D floor plans, you will have more clarity when it comes to decision making. We are a residential design & build company specializing in high-end, modern architectural design, extensions, basements and full house renovations.

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