We are committed to providing a project management service

There are many ways to modernize your home but in recent years our main ways to extend the house such as a rear or side extension and loft conversions, we also have the rearrangement of the interior layout making it possible to open up more space and a space. More flowing home. A very popular change to a home is to enlarge the kitchen and refurbish it, as it is a very important part of any home there is so much scope and possibilities for a kitchen. When you spread out or renovate a home, we can increase the amount of socket around the home to simplify your appliances, change lighting arrangements for the environment and effect. During the renovation phase you will have a lot of options to further modernize your home, but the decoration that will cover them in a professional way so that it does not look like anything. Was done in the first place. Lots of jobs can also be done at the same time and a project manager from a company will coordinate all the work to be done in an efficient, time saving and cost effective way.

We take a huge amount of home refurbishments, house renovations and building services in Clapham. We can provide you with bathroom design and installation,

Living room refurbishments, kitchen refurbishment, design and installation, Loft conversions, rear extensions and other general home and home building services in areas. And other areas in West Clapham, East Clapham and surrounding counties. Our approach will be clear from the start. Whether you need a major home refurbishment, or just to design and install a new bathroom

We are always with you – and for you. We help at every stage – from choosing the right architect to the right tiles for your project, you can rely on Alfabuildingrefurbishment.co.ukas to help you every step of the way..

Fantastic care service; we will ensure you have a clear plan from start to completion, and provide a fantastic after-care service. We will complete your project as quickly as possible, with as little disruption as possible, because we know how precious your home and time are. Take a look at some of our latest projects and take a look at our gallery to get an idea of our work and quality.

Our commitment; We are committed to providing a project management service that is stress free and keeps your property refurbished on time and on budget.

Friendly environmentally; we pride it on being an environmentally friendly company. From sourcing sustainable materials for our construction projects to being a paper free office, doing what we can to lessen our impact on the environment.

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