We are providing quality construction services with high workmanship

The expert team that we are teaming with has combined the expertise to offer you a complete service in home renovation. As well as builders, , plasters, electricians and decorators, we bring trusted architects, structural engineers and interior designers to ensure you can experience a truly comprehensive solution for your home. The buildings we can rely on are what you can expect from a highly professional job, which is fully compatible with all existing building regulations. All of our work comes with a one year Guarantee Insurance Support Warranty. But more than that, the work we do is effective, efficient, of the highest quality, and completely sympathetic to your home because your home is private. As promised, the honest pricing of some builders will leave you with unexpected costs and hidden, extra costs. Our quotes always include an estimate of any potential problems, so you always know what to expect. Taking care of your home any work in your home can be educated and we aim to minimize our impact and respect the fact that we are in your home.

Once all the work is done, we arrange for the complete builders to clean your home the way you want it. There may be questions available 24 hours a day from your home as the work progresses, or even after it finishes. Our company directors are available to discuss what you want after the project is completed and afterwards. We are a family business built from a small family setup to a complete building company. Has worked on a number of projects around London and Home Counties. The projects we undertake are within our budget and fully committed to timely completion of the high standards our clients expect. It’s always open and transparent with our customers so you always know where you stand. With our skilled traders, we specialize in Extension, Loft Conversion, New Construction, Property Refurbishment, Bathroom Installation, Kitchen Design and Installation, Brickwork and more. As builder in Clapham North We is providing quality construction services with high workmanship. We work on renovation, home renovations and home renovations.

We go the extra mile to beautify your building plans, we make sure you end up living in the home and upscale. Alfabuildingrefurbishment.co.uk is professional builders with extensive experience in construction. Our team of specialized building contractors is ready to begin your project from start to finish. We employ a full-time qualified staff of skilled tradesmen including carpers, joiners, buyers, tailors, electricians and decorators. We make sure that our work goes ahead with every detail of the construction, as we refrain from cutting corners. Every project we deliver with the highest quality, our workmanship is proven to be of high value, guaranteeing a reliable and lasting investment. Check out our building process. Our team will work in these areas to exceed your expectations in a timely fashion. They are supported by our Customer Service Coordinators, Project Managers and Surveyors team. All services are under one roof, which means we will coordinate and monitor every step of your home extension or renovation. Ensure customer satisfaction.

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